Hi and welcome to my corner of the woods! I'm now 31 years old and have realized that I still live and feel no older than I did last year.  I have been a member of Elfwood for 13yrs now! A pretty long time if you ask me. I am a moderator too, since about 5.5 years back. (don't kill me, but feel free to ask about anything). The reason is that I wanted to help Elfwood and as a way of saying thank you for all that it's given me over the years. I have got a much greater understanding of all that a moderator has to go through now, and I can tell you, it's far from easy and lots of hard work. But fun! Anyway, I'm a quite normal person, I guess. A bit obsessed with fantasy and sci-fi, reading all the time and wishing to be a proffessional artist some day. That'd be great! I own a cute little milksnake... my sweet cornsnake died a few weeks ago. :( So, I'm not too happy atm. Still looking forward to getting that dog though... maybe next year. I hope so. Been working as a teacher for 1,5 years now but don't have a steady job. I hope to get that soon. I like horses (well, all animals) and I go horse riding every week. Anything else you wanna know, just ask. I always answer my comments. Thank you all! I like Horse riding, art, music (as in heavy metal), fantasy, sci-fi and horror/thriller books and movies, dogs, my snakes and friends of course! Favourite movies Lord of the Rings, Aliens, Predator I-II, Star Wars (the old ones), Dragonheart, and many more! It's a long list! ^^ Favourite books LoTR, Dragonlance (chronicles and Legends trilogies), all Lovecraft books, The first 6-9 Drizzt books, Dragonsbane, A Song of Ice and Fire. Favourite music Metal, Heavy Metal... and some more Metal! :P